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Welcome to Zara's world. 
I grew up in Iran and currently live in California. I am a pastry chef and recipe developer. Unsurprisingly, food photography is one of my life's loves, but creating anything with ingredients satisfies me as well. When I decided to start food photography, I did not precisely know where the journey would take me; I do not know either now. I took pictures of dishes at first; then, I realized there is much more to show others. Capturing details is one of the essential parts of my work because I am amazed at how every single ingredient is created in a unique, detailed shape, color, and texture. Besides these fantastic ingredients photography, I decided to do dish plating, and after years of doing them, I decided to start my business. My primary goal is to bring beautiful bites to your plates and watch you enjoy eating them. 
Since I follow up my heart in most moments, I will keep going, and I hope to make my own style in the food industry. Also, I am inspired by nature, music, light, and traveling. I love being around people, making friends, and spending time with them. So, stay with me, and give me any suggestions if you would love to see it here. I will share unique bites, photos, and more soon.

Zara Sohi

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